Dental Technology Department


We are delighted to welcome you to our new department of Komar University of Science &Technology (KUST) and excited by beginning and continuing your educational journey with us, we look forward to learning, exploring, and growing together.

Dental Technology at Komar University of Science &Technology (KUST) is a new department that will provide with high qualify instructive programs that serves and protects the public interest by regulating the profession of dental technology.

Dental technology is the technical aspect of dentistry in which a dental technician creates a  prosthesis or instrument for the head and neck under a dentist’s prescription. This may consist of:

All types of dental prothesis including complete dentures, partial dentures, crowns and bridges and implant supported dentures in various materials such as acrylics, alloys, and ceramics;

  • Removable orthodontic appliances consisting of springs and retainers in acrylic bases for the simple movement of teeth, modification of the growth of the jaws and night guards.
  • Maxillofacial prothesis for replacing lost organs of the face and jaws such as artificial eyes, ears, and facial prostheses that may be required after surgical treatment.
  • Instead of that our program is pointed to develop the hand skills of the students for constructing prothesis also they will educated about all the innovations and digital technology like using CAD/CAM to construct restorations like crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, bridges, dentures, and implant-supported restorations from high-strength ceramic.


The vision of the Department of dental technology is to be a professional voice for providing a high-quality education in dental laboratory services for giving a relevant benefit for the community in dental and oral health services.


The mission of the Department of dental technology is to prepare students to become a highly skilled dental technicians which could be a leadership based on practical and theoretical knowledge and to be able to meet the needs of our community in the field of dental prosthesis by adhering to the rules required by qualified, competent and modern professional knowledge.



  • Create a new specialty in our community in dental and oral health care.
  • Employ safe and aseptic procedures when using and maintaining equipment and materials associated with the dental technology profession.
  • Complete all work in the dental technology practice in adherence to the legislative and ethical requirements of the profession.
  • Work and communicate effectively as part of an interdisciplinary dental health care team.
  • apply effective business practices in the management of a dental laboratory.
  • Develop competence in both theoretical knowledge and technical skills necessary for proficient performance of clinical laboratory procedures to the best of their ability

to develop a professional and specialized technical staff in dental health care to work at dental laboratories producing the required materials for the dental industry.